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Our program management services

We offer a range of professional services aimed at helping a client establish, structure, plan, staff, deliver and learn from a program. These services are typically provided at a level that considers the cross-project and organization-wide impacts, and that also encompasses the basic elements of our Project Management Services.

Examples of Program Management Deliverables

  • Organizational Strategy & Program Alignment
  • Stakeholder Needs Analysis
  • Business Case
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Benefits Analysis
  • Governance Structure
  • Program Charter
  • Program Plan
  • Program Management Office (staffing, processes, tools)
  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)
  • Program-wide Standard Practices
  • Aggregated Risk Plan
  • Communication Plan
  • Change Management Strategy
  • Training Plan
  • Status Reports
  • Cross-Program Issue Log
  • Financial Reports
  • Program Closure Report

Key Program Management Resources

Support Resources