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Tramore Group project management coaching and mentoring services

Project success is significantly more likely if project managers (PMs) effectively and appropriately apply the soft skills of project management – the ‘art’ – to their projects. To improve the use of soft skills by PMs, we employ a 1:1 coaching and mentoring program provided by one of our experienced program managers or senior project managers. This approach is far more effective than training, since focused coaching is done on a personalized, situational basis, reflecting the unique needs and challenges experienced by each project manager in their projects.

We have found that successful coaching is not one-size-fits-all. The coaching and mentoring can vary significantly from PM to PM depending on their personal style, willingness to engage and current competency. This personalized approach encourages each PM to think more critically about the issues and risks in their projects, and how to best address or mitigate them. Our focus is to take project management and the oversight of the governance process beyond a plan-management and compliance level, to one that truly considers the business and operational impacts and benefits of achieving project success.

Our Coaching and Mentoring Program will help each PM to develop their ‘art’ skills like communications, negotiation, and client relationship management, and in so doing improve their effectiveness at project delivery.