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Tramore Group project management assessment services

Tramore Group believes that when initiatives fail to meet their planned outcomes, it’s usually not a process or tool that’s the root of the issue – it’s human behaviour. But few organizations truly understand the capabilities of their own project managers – including how their capabilities stack up in the realm of the ‘science’ and ‘art’ of project management.

We have developed an assessment technique to understand the depth of ‘science’ and ‘art’ of the project managers across entire departments or organizations. The process involves gaining an understanding of each project manager’s capabilities and way of working. This is the basis for diagnosing the project management capabilities of the organization as a whole.

Our diagnosis and straight-forward, practical recommendations for improving project delivery are summarized in a confidential report to management. Individual PM abilities are summarized on our Organizational Project Management Role Profile Grid™, an example of which is shown here.


TG Role Profile Grid


The grid illustrates how the results of an assessment of six project managers within a client organization might be mapped. This is only one view that helps us simplify an understanding of where to invest to improve project delivery capabilities.

This highly effective tool, proprietary to Tramore Group, has benefitted numerous clients.