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Our project and program management services

Tramore Group focuses on delivering the following core services to a diverse group of clients, in particular to the banking, insurance, financial services, retail, government and health care sectors.

In the course of our work, we often deliver the following services:

Project and Program Delivery

Our primary business is delivering projects and programs. These vary from small projects requiring a single project manager to large programs with a team of project managers, project control officers and business analysts led by a program manager.

Many times, we are asked to recover projects in crisis. These are projects where delivery is critical to our clients and that have fallen significantly off plan without a high confidence recovery strategy in place. In these instances, we start with an assessment of the current status against the current plan followed by a re-baselining exercise. We often replace a number of the project leaders as we launch the recovery effort against the re-baselined project plan.

Project Advisory

Many clients are seeking to understand their organizational project delivery maturity and capabilities. To help, Tramore Group offers a number of standardized diagnostics and assessments that provide a fact-base to enable the development of improvement strategies.

These reports include pragmatic recommendations to improve project delivery effectiveness. In addition, we are often asked to develop custom approaches to understanding why project delivery is not as effective as management believes it can, or should, be.

Our advisory services can be based on repeatable methodologies or customized, based on your specific needs for information and improvement strategies.

Advisory engagements include: