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Project Manager Assessment

International Payroll Services Provider – Project management culture and capabilities assessment

Tramore Group was engaged to assist the project management office (PMO) to improve the effectiveness of their project management culture and capabilities. We performed a discovery exercise to identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement. We performed a ‘first impression’ level assessment of the capabilities of the project managers within the PMO. This qualitative assessment in terms of project management ‘science’ and ‘art’ also reviewed the PMO’s project management processes.

Provincial Government Ministry – High-level PM Capabilities Assessment

Tramore Group was engaged to assist in improving project management effectiveness. We conducted a discovery engagement to provide high level observations of where and how project management culture and effectiveness could be improved. Our final report outlined specific strategies to improve overall project management effectiveness.

Provincial Government Ministry – Project Management Organizational Assessment

Tramore Group was engaged to conduct a diagnostic review to assist in understanding where and how project management capabilities could be improved. The scope of the diagnostic exercise was to assess the organizations project management maturity through structured interviews with senior project managers, project coordinators, project directors, and the director of the branch. This was a qualitative assessment in the terms of project management ‘art’ and ‘science’. A set of strategies for improving the project management effectiveness was provided as an outcome of the engagement.

International Insurance Brokerage – Program Review and PM Capabilities Assessment

Tramore Group was engaged to review a large complex program with multiple projects. This review measured the project progress against the baseline project plan and measured the progress deficiency against that plan. The review included an assessment of the project management capabilities of the key project managers charged with delivering the project. The final report included recommendations to recover the program.