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PMO / PM improvement

National Health Initiative – Team re-structuring

Tramore Group was engaged to conduct a review of the project team structure and to recommend a revised structure to improve delivery effectiveness. Through interviews and facilitated workshops, we assisted with the development of a revised organizational structure including project leadership role definitions.

Provincial Government Ministry – Implementation of PM Practices Improvements

Tramore Group was engaged to assist in improving project management capabilities. The engagement resulted in three principal deliverables: (1) the establishment of a project closure process; (2) the performance of a postmortem review of a project that was deemed not to have delivered its desired outcomes and providing opportunities for improvement; and (3) the provision of recommendations on how best to group the internal projects into project portfolios.

International Payroll Services Provider – Implementation of project management practice improvements

Tramore Group was engaged to conduct a 1:1 style coaching and mentoring program for the PMs, aimed at improving the project managers’ use of tools, templates and communication techniques. We also provided guidance on the use of ‘art’ skills and identified where the individual project manager’s capabilities could be improved. Recommendations on refining the utilization of project processes were also provided.

Provincial Government Ministry – PMO assistance

Tramore Group was engaged by the Ministry to assist the leadership of its PMO to achieve the following operational objectives:
* Develop divisional project management standards and methods
* Create project management training programs and delivery mechanisms
* Create tools for project support such as project review structures
* Solidify the Internal Issues / Communication roles in the office
* Clarify roles and responsibilities of staff in the PMO
* Prepare a complete project inventory

Provincial Government Ministry – PMO Implementation

Tramore Group supported the project management office (PMO). We assisted in the development of a plan to support the strategic and tactical evolution of the PMO. We supported the project managers within the PMO to achieve their objectives.

Provincial Government Ministry – PM Capability and Process Improvement

Tramore Group assisted in the design and implementation of pragmatic program and project management processes, practices, templates and tools. We provided assistance in the effective use of these processes and tools to program and project managers and their teams. We made recommendations to ‘right-size’ the processes, practices and tools for projects of different budgets, duration and complexities We assisted in the development of ancillary project management services (e.g. project kick-off, lessons learned and project collaboration practices). We also assisted in the design of improved project governance frameworks.

Provincial Government Ministry – PM Capability and Process Improvement

The Ontario Public Sector introduced an initiative to increase the IT community’s capacity for effective delivery of IT projects. To meet the needs of this initiative, this Provincial Government Ministry engaged Tramore Group to develop and deploy pragmatic processes and practices for more effective portfolio, program and project management.

Global Loyalty Management Organization – Development of Common Project Reporting Metrics

Tramore Group was engaged to recommend a common set of PMO project reporting metrics in consultation with various PMO leaders from diverse geographies. These recommendations provided a baseline to standardize key reporting across all PMOs providing consistent metrics for reporting across the organization.

Major Automobile Manufacturer – Implementation of PM Practices Improvements

Tramore Group was engaged to assist in the implementation of the recommendations resulting from a Project Management Assessment engagement we had previously undertaken for this client. These included increasing the capability of the project management team, reorganizing to improve project management effectiveness and applying appropriate project management tools and processes consistently.  We also performed a Project Portfolio Assessment resulting in a report setting out a project inventory, suggested project portfolio groupings, and a recommendation for a revised project management complement, by skill level.