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Our project management experience in diverse industries

Provincial Energy Agency – Project Scoping and Planning – Management Controls and Operations Improvement Initiative

Tramore Group was engaged to provide guidance and assistance in the scoping and project planning exercise of a comprehensive management controls and operations improvement initiative, encompassing more than 150 business processes of the agency. The engagement produced a framework design and approach tailored to the uniqueness of the client organization, as well as a detailed project plan for implementation – including change management and sustainability plans. Further, a broad organizational study was conducted which resulted in a comprehensive framework of governance and management controls suited to the organizational stage of this entity. This framework was pilot tested and refined to ensure the right fit with the organization was achieved.

Provincial Government Agency – Project Management – Five-Year Strategic Plan Development / Outcomes Alignment

Tramore Group was engaged to manage the development of a five-year strategic plan. Leading a core team of six resources, the strategic planning project involved a high degree of stakeholder consultation with relevant industry sectors, procurement and management of external market research services, and extensive involvement of the Executive Management Team and the Strategic Planning and Communications Committee of the Board. The project resulted in a sound strategic direction for the organization, endorsed and approved by the Agency’s Executive Management Team and the Board of Directors. Subsequently we were engaged to develop and implement a framework enabling the agency to align yearly plans and outcomes of annual initiatives to the achievement of the strategic plan’s objectives and goals over the following five years.

Major Automobile Manufacturer – Implementation of PM Practices Improvements

Tramore Group was engaged to assist in the implementation of the recommendations resulting from a Project Management Assessment engagement we had previously undertaken for this client. These included increasing the capability of the project management team, reorganizing to improve project management effectiveness and applying appropriate project management tools and processes consistently.

We also performed a Project Portfolio Assessment resulting in a report setting out a project inventory, suggested project portfolio groupings, and recommendations for a revised project management complement by skill level.

Major Canadian Automotive Company – Business Case and Project Charter Development

A Tramore Group professional led the development of a business case for a corporate-wide portal to support the needs of its corporate communications, marketing and human resources functions. Subsequently, a Project Charter was developed for consideration by the sponsors of the corporate portal initiative.

Major Canadian Telecommunications Company – Change Management Support / SOx Program

As part of the Program Management Office for an enterprise-wide Sarbanes-Oxley (SOx) remediation program, a Tramore Group professional developed the change management (CM) strategy for the Program, established a small team of CM specialists, developed CM processes and tools, and provided CM support to nine separate project teams designing and implementing process and control improvements required to meet SOx compliance requirements.

Major Canadian Telecommunications Company – Change Management Support / Business Transformation Program

A Tramore Group professional provided advice to the Program Management Office and the Change Management Lead regarding appropriate change management (CM) approaches and how they might work within the context of the highly structured process improvement methodology being used. Sample tools and templates were developed for consideration and use by the CM Lead, and by the various project teams established within the client’s enterprise-wide Business Transformation Program.

Major International Mining Corporation – Post Implementation Project Advice / Knowledge Transfer – IT Controls Program

Tramore Group was engaged to provide subject matter expertise and knowledge transfer relating to a previous engagement. We provided advice on the conversion of the implemented controls framework to align it with a revised controls framework.

Canadian Motion Picture Exhibitor – Project Management – ERP System Implementation

Tramore Group was engaged to manage the upgrade of an ERP financial software package. This upgrade included a new chart of accounts. The project was completed on time and within budget over a 12 month period.

Major International Mining Company – Project Recovery and Management – Global IT Governance and Risk-Based Controls Program

A Tramore Group professional led the implementation of a standardized general computer controls framework based on COBIT across 17 locations worldwide for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. The project was 14 months behind schedule and had three failed starts. The project included the design, documentation and implementation of controls in 18 locations on three continents, and resulted in common operating information technology processes and risk-based controls across a highly decentralized enterprise.

Provincial Energy Agency – Project Work Plan Development – Business Process Improvements

Tramore Group was engaged by the agency to perform an exercise focused on identifying the key business processes that were required to support the priority programs that had been committed for implementation. This was undertaken in three steps:

These processes went through the regimen to produce the required process diagrams and supporting documentation and were later successfully implemented by the client.

Global Loyalty Management Organization – Program Health Check

Tramore Group was engaged to review program management processes, capabilities and structures and to recommend improvements to reduce risk. Tramore Group’s consultants reviewed program artifacts and interviewed program leaders and sponsors before making recommendations. The findings presented pragmatic, implementable recommendations to improve program delivery effectiveness. These findings were accepted by senior management and published to the Board of Directors.

Global Loyalty Management Organization – Development of Common Project Reporting Metrics

Tramore Group was engaged to recommend a common set of PMO project reporting metrics in consultation with various PMO leaders from diverse geographies. These recommendations provided a baseline to standardize key reporting across all PMOs providing consistent project reporting metrics across the organization.