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Our health care experience

Provincial Health Ministry – Strategy Workshop Facilitation

Tramore Group was engaged to assist in strategy development. We facilitated participant feedback from a series of focus group sessions on the blueprint and reference architecture being proposed. We synthesized the collective feedback from all the sessions into a final report for the program office. We planned, facilitated and documented the results of a key brainstorming session involving program and senior Ministry staff. We conducted stakeholder consultations that explored implications and set priorities for attention regarding the proposed strategy.

Major Hospital Corporation – Stabilization Plan and Program Alignment Support

Tramore Group provided assistance in the preparation of a formal submission to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The final deliverable encompassed a strategic framework for future program funding for the hospital corporation, aligned with Ministry and Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) goals and priorities.

Government Health Agency – Five-Year Strategic Plan Development / Outcomes Alignment

Tramore Group was engaged to manage the development of a five-year strategic plan. Leading a core team of six resources, the strategic planning project involved a high degree of stakeholder consultation with relevant industry sectors, procurement and management of external market research services, and extensive involvement of the Executive Management Team and the Strategic Planning and Communications Committee of the Board. The project resulted in a sound strategic direction for the organization, endorsed and approved by the Agency’s Executive Management Team and the Board of Directors. Subsequently we were engaged to develop and implement a framework enabling the agency to align yearly plans and outcomes of annual initiatives to the achievement of the strategic plan’s objectives and goals over the following five years.

Provincial Health Care Association – Business Model Development for a Health Care Portal

Tramore Group managed a project team to establish a business model for a new health care related portal. Organization and staffing models were developed for consideration by client management, various frameworks for business process definition and mapping were designed and implemented, and financial models for how the portal “business” might become self-funding and sustainable over time were developed and applied.

National Health Initiative – Team re-structuring

Tramore Group was engaged to conduct a review of the project team structure and to recommend a revised structure to improve delivery effectiveness. Through interviews and facilitated workshops, we assisted with the development of a revised organizational structure including project leadership role definitions.